,Thank you for all those who donated to our Spring Sharathon Keeping the Light On!  There are still matching dollars and time to donate.  Call now to help your monies go further to help YOUR Catholic Radio station. 

Thankful for Catholic Radio and opportunities to give
back during the Sharathons.

Neal from Baumert

Thank you for your programming during COVID.  Thank you for not preaching fear and reminding all of us Catholics of our Father teachings and His plan he has for us!

Listener from Bellevue

I love so many of the programs on Sacred Heart Radio.

Kim from Tukwila

Donating today and I am not even Catholic.

Mary from Shoreline

Thank you

Robin from Port Townsend

Congratulations to SHR for
being on the air for 21 years. Thank you to Ron Belter and
to Tom Curran. You are both doing a great job. Tom, you
and Kari’s show. I love your show. Thank you .

Rick from Seattle

I am a first time donor who listens while I am in my car.

Mary from Bainbridge Island

The Lord woke me up this
morning to donate. Ron and Tom are doing a great job.
Dont give up the battle, the Lord wins in the end.

Lee from Belfair

Would you please keep me in your prayers and ask the Poor Clare Sisters to pray for me and my family?

Robert from Yakima

I am a monthly donor, very much inspired by Tom and
Sound Insight for the blessings he brings to our
communities. But I want to acknowledge Ron for his work
building the apostolate that is Sacred Heart Radio. So I’m
matching my normal annual giving amount in honor of
Ron. Your work has changed my life Ron, thank you!

Listener from Seattle

Thank you to the Staff for keeping Catholic Radio on.

Listener from Tacoma