Sacred Heart Radio

Catholic Radio for the Northwest

History of Sacred Heart Radio

Sacred Heart Radio started as a small group of lay Catholics with a desire to bring Catholic programming to the Seattle area. The group incorporated in 1999 and began purchasing air time on KBLE AM 1050 to broadcast “Catholic Answers”. Following the promptings of the Holy Spirit, Sacred Heart Radio began searching for a radio station to purchase. Miraculously, KBLE came up for sale in late 2000, and was purchased by Sacred Heart Radio. We began broadcasting Catholic radio 24 hours a day on KBLE AM 1050 on January 19, 2001.

In 2005 we began negotiations to purchase an additional AM station in Spokane, WA. The negotiations were successful and Sacred Heart Radio began broadcasting on KTTO AM 970 on September 28, 2005.
In early 2012 Sacred Heart Radio became aware of an opportunity to purchase the license to build a low-power FM station in Kodiak, Alaska. After several months of negotiations, we went on the air on FM 88.3 in Kodiak.

Our expansion in the northwest continued with FM 88.1 in Yakima and AM 1240 in Olympia going live in 2014. Listeners in Olympia got an extra boost with the addition of FM 104.7 in 2017. Soon after the FM addition in Olympia, SHR came to FM 106.1 in Spokane.

In the Fall of 2018 and at the beginning of 2019, Sacred Heart Radio continued to expand to more listeners in North King and South Snohomish counties on FM 100.3 and to the Lakewood/Tacoma area on AM 1180. With the purchase of KLAY radio, AM 1180, SHR became landowners with two towers broadcasting a clear signal both day and night.

In March of 2020, FM 107.3 Lakewood/Tacoma became our 10th frequency.

Sacred Heart Radio provided a vital link to the life of the Church during the pandemic when churches were closed.  

In June 2022, Sacred Heart Radio’s years-long efforts to expand to Grays Harbor County bore fruit in 2022, now reaching listeners in Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Ocean Shores.

  • AM 1050 – Seattle – 01/2001
  • AM 970 – Spokane – 09/2005
  • FM 88.3 – Kodiak – 06/2012
  • FM 88.1 – Yakima – 03/2014
  • AM 1240 – Olympia – 10/2014
  • FM 104.7 – Olympia – 08/2017
  • FM 106.1 – Spokane – 09/2017
  • FM 100.3 – Shoreline – 09/2018
  • AM 1180 – Lakewood/Tacoma – 01/2019
  • FM 107.3 – Lakewood/Tacoma – 03/2020
  • AM 1450/FM 103.5 – Grays Harbor (6/2022)

The mission of Sacred Heart Radio is to bring the light of Christ to the Northwest.

We are committed to providing radio programming that glorifies God and leads souls to salvation.

We joyfully submit to all teachings of the Catholic Church.

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There is a great need for Catholic Radio in the US
  • There are 15,000 radio stations in the U.S.
  • There are 1,500 Christian stations.
  • Of those, 500 stations are Catholic.
Catholic are called to spread the Faith

As Catholics we are called to spread the fullness of the Catholic faith. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that the laity “has the right and duty, individually or grouped in associations, to work so that the divine message of salvation may be known and accepted by all men throughout the earth.” (CCC 900)

Catholic radio is one of the best ways to spread the Faith

The Holy Father has said that radio is:

  • “The closest equivalent . . . of what Jesus was able to do with large groups”
  • “Reaches people in the streets, in their cars and their homes”
  • “The most cost effective means of reaching large numbers”
  • “Many people may be willing to eavesdrop on Catholic radio”

I’m so grateful for Sacred Heart Radio.  I listen to it constantly…I’ve grown in my faith as a result and have learned so much about it.  I am a cradle Catholic and clung to the tenets of my faith mainly from sheer stubbornness as my knowledge of it was very limited.  As I listen to Sacred Heart Radio I discover how comprehensive our Catholic faith is, how well it is supported by scripture, and how well it conforms to reason and logic.  What a service this station provides.

God bless each and every one of you!

I converted to the Catholic Church in 2003 and my conversion/RCIA process included your station, and I still listen every day…I learn so much and Sacred Heart Radio always encourages and challenges me daily to be a Catholic who wants to serve the Lord above all else every single day.

Camano Island Listener

When I started to hear and listen to this station, my life changed.

Before that, my life was so unhappy, always worried of so many, many things but now a lot of change happened in my life.

Sacred Heart Radio is one of the best medicines in my heart and in my soul.  I will never, never change your station.


Thanking you for being my life-line to Jesus.


Due to being in prison, Sacred Heart Radio has become my parish.  I am blessed with a Mother’s love that looks past the evils that I have done … I found Sacred Heart Radio and in turn found Christ in my own heart again.

Seattle listener

My husband has had a massive conversion in the last few years and it is in large part due to Sacred Heart Radio!

Sammamish listener

Sacred Heart Radio saves souls, mine included!

Thank you and I will offer a rosary to our Blessed Mother on behalf of the entire staff at Sacred Heart Radio!  God bless you.


Sacred Heart Radio has been a Godsend for us.  After listening to the radio for a while we all started coming closer to Christ.  My husband and kids became interested, went through RCIA and entered the church last spring.  Thank you.

J & K in Lakewood, WA

Your station keeps me learning about my faith and encourages me to live it more fully in the neighborhood!

Spokane Listener

Thank you for all you do to present the truth to a world that needs it so desperately … my family included.

Thankful in Silverdale, WA

Sacred Heart Radio is such a blessing to me and my family, lifting my marriage and our homeschool to the heavens!

Homeschool Help