Why do I have trouble listening online?

We’ve noticed that Windows 10 users need to make a slight adjustment to successfully listen online:
  1. Go to Settings in the search field, and type in the word “Extensions.”
  2. Choose a default app for each type of file.
  3. Scroll down the alphabetical list to .m3u extension and click on the right columns (it may say “Groove Music.”) Choose Windows Media Player.
Try the Listen button on the top toolbar of Windows Media Player should start, and the file should play.
If you are using something other than Windows 10 then do a search for “Extension” and associate the .m3u file with Windows Media Player.

How can I get the "Listen Live" links to open correctly?

When you click the “Listen Live” links, a .m3u file will download. Right click on the downloaded file and click “always open files of this type” and choose a preferred media player as your default program.

Why is my nighttime reception poor?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires AM stations are required to power down in the evening. In Seattle, for example, we switch from 5,000 daytime watts to 440 at dusk. FM stations, on the other hand, provide the same coverage day and night.

Who owns Sacred Heart Radio?

Sacred Heart Radio is a 501(c)(3) corporation. We are not owned by any diocese or any parish. We are an independent entity. We are affiliated with EWTN, but not owned by them. Our support comes from listeners.

Can you recommend a good radio for better reception?

CCradio by Crane is a very good radio for AM/FM reception. Another less expensive radio option is to do an internet search for an older GE SuperRadio III.

How can I get Sacred Heart Radio information in my Parish?

You can become a Radio Ambassador. Our goal is to have an Ambassador in each parish. After getting the pastor’s okay, this person will supply the parish with current schedules, bumper stickers, and pens. Contact to find out more!

Where can I find an archive of a program I heard?

You can find all the archived programs here.

How do I support MY station?

Thank you for asking! We have twice-yearly “Sharathons” when we ask our listeners to call in and make a donation. Many of them choose to make a monthly donation for 12 months, which helps us to budget wisely.

You can also donate a vehicle to us by calling (866) 628-2277.

Another way to help is by doing your regular online shopping at and choosing Sacred Heart Radio, Incorporated in Redmond, WA as your charity.

How many people does Sacred Heart Radio reach?

With all or our stations combined, we can reach approximately 4 million people! Please pray for many new listeners to tune in each day and discover the beauty of Catholicism.

How do I donate my vehicle to the station (running or not)?

You’ll find the donation form here. If you need help completing the donation form, or you have questions about the vehicle donation process, call 1.866.628.2277 and we will arrange your donation.

Can I submit my prayer requests to the station?

Call the station directly at 1-800-949-1050 or complete the form below and we’ll be glad to keep your intentions in our prayers.

Submit prayer requestclear

How can I get my Catholic event aired on the radio?

We are happy to air upcoming events in all of our listening areas. We find all of our events via Catholic Event Finder. Simply go to and list your event.